Tuesday, July 07, 2009

I bow down to my teachers

To the universe - the Param Guru that has been guiding my footsteps as I walk along the path of life. Thank you for all the hints, for being so persistent even when I was stubborn and giving me signs time and time again, for being so patient, for taking care of me and watching over me and for leading me to my Guru in human form. Grant me the ability to always have the awareness and humility to listen and the courage to follow the markers on the road and fulfil my purpose.

To Guruji - Thank you for your patience, for your faith in me, your love, guidance and support. There really aren't enough words. I pray that I become a more worthy student of yours with every passing day.

Everyone who my life's thread has been connected you. Each person, each experience has led to where I am and will continue to help shape the person I become. Reflection allows you to see where the road curved and how one experience prepared you for something else down the road. With deep gratitude, I thank you for being in my life, for your support, your love, your encouragement and the challenges that we have faced together. Thank you for teaching me.

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