Monday, March 15, 2010

In the US

That's right. I'm back. Well not permanently. Tabla Ecstasy is touring the US, Canada and Dubai over the next 7 weeks and I go along with them as their groupie, MC and miscellaneous person. We have shows from New York down to Georgia and in SoCal. Below are our public program dates. If you're in the area, it'd be great to see you and come see what I'm apart of and will be doing sometime in the future =) More shows are being added.

More info on each show is on our website - or facebook

March 25 - Charlottesville, VA
March 27 - Charlotte, NC
March 28 - Macon, GA
April 2 - Ojai, CA
April 3 or 4 - Norco, CA
April 5 - April 19 based in New Jersey
April 10 - show in New Jersey
April 16 - Albany, NY
April 17 - NYC
April 24 - Toronto
April 28 - May 1 in Dubai

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