Saturday, July 15, 2006

Back in Gujarat

Lots of posts coming as soon as all of them are completed in terms of typing them up and I get net access on my laptop.

What I did in a nutshell:

June 30- 28 train ride from Ahmedabad to Dehradun
July 2- left Dehradun for Yamnotri, stayed in Barkot for the night
July 3- Walked to and from Jankichatti? to Yamnotri (12 km roundtrip), close to where the Yamuna begins
July 4- Travelled from Barkot to Gangotri
July 5- Roundtrip from Gangotri to Gaumukh (where the Ganga actually emerges from glacial rock)- 36km round trip on pony and foot
July 6- Travelled from Gangotri to Gaurikund, stopped 4hr from Gaurikund
July 7- Got to Gaurikund at noon and took a horse to Kedarnath (on horse) through drizzle/rain- 14km
July 8- Walked back from Kedarnath to Gaurikund and made our way towards Badrinath, stopped in Joshimath for the night
July 9- Day trip to Badrinath, spent the night in Joshimath
July 10- Travelled to Rishikesh, spent the night in Haridwar
July 11- Travelled to Mathura
July 12- Did a milk parikrama around Govardhan Mountain (which is a hill now) - 15km, visited Ramanreeth (where Krishna played), saw Yamunaji's aarti
July 13- Spent a few hours in Delhi and board a 14 hr train back to Nadiad

I travelled the valleys and mountains, visited the city and valley of the Gods, went to the places frequented by saints, gods and goddesses. imagine the vibrations at these locations.

pages to come

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