Sunday, July 02, 2006

Rude or Courteous City

LAst week in Trishna, Sejal and I were discussing rude cities in the world. One of them mentioned a recent study of major cities around the world and found that NYC was the rudest. A couple of days, I was surprised to read on Quote of the Day that a Reader's Digest did a survey of 20 cities to measure their politness (can someone add the link as a comment since I don't have it on me right now). Interestingly, they found that NYC was the most courteous.

As we left for our trip to the Himalayas, unplanned and with a slight modification, my cousin and I tried the Reader's Digest test in Nadiad. As my cousin stepped out of the car at the medic store, she dropped our cousin's cell phone. The battery, sim card and cover went in different directions. Immediately, the two of us and the driver were peering into the dirt, trash and puddles for the sim card. Right away, people passing by and nearby asked what we were looking for. Over the course of the 10 minutes, 10 different people were helping us looking for the card! We didn't find the sim and finally we gave up and headed home after thanking out helpers. Luckily, we later found out that the phone didn't have a card to begin with! But nonetheless, our test was a success. Rude or courteous city? Nadiad no doubt is the latter.

I'll try to post during our 14 days trip to the Himalayas, but it's going to sparse. LOTS will be put up once I'm back.

Ps. met great people on the 24 hr train ride to dehradun and spent the morning at Manav Sadhna before leaving =)

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