Thursday, June 29, 2006

A Mother's Love and family's blessings

When I was 5, I came to India with my maternal grandmother and sister. We were going to stay for approx 6 months and would spend the majority of the time in my mosad - Nar. My dad's family lived in Nadiad. As a child, I dreaded visiting Nadiad. I would actually cry to my maternal grandmother, begging her to let me stay in Nar (my cousins and I would get into fights all the time).

On Monday, coming to Nadiad felt very different. I walked up the stairs to greet my baa (dad's mom) and all I could feel was her love and compassion. She was incredibly happy to see me there, I can't even explain it. Everyday, I just want to sit with her and hold her hand. A mother's love truly is powerful.

I have yet to embark on my solo journeys. Overall, I have not been too concerned or afraid of what the future in going to hold, trusting the universe. The whole passage to India has quelled any doubts I may have had. Regardless of where I go, I know that I am protected by the blessings of my family and friends. Since the first day I've gotten here to the incredible conversation I had yesterday with an old family friend, all I have experienced is love and support by all those around, even as they passed on their warnings and voiced caution.

Truly blessed. Thank you for your wishes and support.

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viral said...

your reflections are great!

on courage, and flexing our giving muscles, a quote from one of guri's recent posts:

"Courage is a sign
of the soul's nobility.
but courage must be
calm and master of itself,
generous and benevolent."

-The Mother

enjoy the moments!