Thursday, June 29, 2006

Reading and Family

Before I left London, I received Tuesday with Morrie. GREAT book and exactly what I needed, especially in conjunction with the Power of Now, which is a challenging read in that you have to read it in bits and pieces.

I tore through Tuesdays, cover to cover. When I finished, I noticed something that I've been noticing alot recently: my lack of full attentiveness to what I was reading. I read quickly, it could be called skim reading even. I take the gist of the what I'm reading, but don't really reflect or take time to digest what I'm reading. Not a big deal for books like Da Vinci Code and other fiction pleasure reads. But for a book like Siddharta or Power of Now, its absolutely crucial to take the time to read carefully. As I read through Tuesday, halfway through, I though it would be beneficial to write down the important ideas, so I did. I found myself reading a little more carefully. When I finished, it was time to change something. I picked up the book again and actually read it. Taking the time to reflect. I continued writing down the important ideas. Now unlike Siddharta, which I feel like i need to read again, when Tuesdays gets passed on, I'll have taken all that I can from it.

One of the tuesdays was about family. I found this lesson particularly interesting and in fact had to put the book down to think/reflect on the comments. One of the important comments that Morrie makes is in regards to family vs friends. (Paraphrased) Family is the foundation. Friends will visit and call (when you are sick), but with family, someone will always be watching over you.

Today, I experienced that first hand.
After apparently having a slight temperature for over 1 week (I knew I had a temp one day in London, but after that day I was doing alright, but since I met up with mom, she's been saying that I am warm), I got "sick". I didn't have much energy and couldn't bring myself to consume any food. Things are better now and hopefully I'll be 100% before I get into the car in Haridwar, otherwise the windy roads are going to be painful. But I digress. Since the moment my family found out I was ill, they have continually been watching over me. Eat this, don't do this, let's go to the doctor. I actually think its a good thing i fell ill today rather than later. I am blessed to be surrounded by people who are making all efforts to make sure I get better. When the solo adventures begin, things will not be the same. Morrie is right.

Family. The people who will continually be watching over you (whether you're sick or not).

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Anonymous said...

I also read my textbooks in more of a speed-read kinda way, but there's nothing like savoring a good book page by page since it's not about the information but the growth that happens relating to and understanding the characters.