Thursday, June 29, 2006

Role Model in Compassion

The last few days, I realized how that a great role model in compassion was right in front of my eyes. As I hestitated at times before tagging people, I have found my mom asking me multiple times if I gave something to this person or that person. Whenever she sees a child, she turns to me and goes Heena, give them something. As we prepare for our trip to the Himalayas, more than half of the stuff we are taking is packed into this large suitcase and isn't even for us. My mom packed over a bag load of stuff from Canada for us to carry to the Himalayas to give to the poor. As people come in and out of our home in Nadiad and when we visited our gam Pij, I continually hear my mom calling me to give a child a toy or take pictures of so-so. Incredible how happy someone gets when you take a picture of them, even though they won't see it.

I've always recognized my mom's huge heart. Whenever she sees someone in distress, she goes above and beyond to help them, be it monetarily or simply giving them a shoulder to lean on. As I conciously work to grow in compassion and kindness, the recognition of her capabilities has taken on another dimension. For her, there is no hesitation.

Over the last few months, I have found numerous role models in compassion. Now I've realized, one of the best has been someone I've known my whole life.

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