Monday, June 12, 2006

Vipassana and my brother

So I've posted on this thing 4 times already. I'm in the flow and am just going to go with it.

Amazing is all I have to say. I reflected on my relationship with my sibling a bit on an older blog and to summarize, essentially my sister and I talk every day essential. My brother, well he's my brother. I care about him and know he cares about me and the three of us know that we can rely on each other when anything goes wrong, but I don't talk to him on a regular basis and some people quite frankly didn't even know or believe that he existed especially since my sister is such a prominent part of my life, conversations, etc. When they both came to Cal for my graduation, things had shifted. We had gone through a lot as siblings over the last year and this was the first time it was just the three of us being able to hang out and it was amazing and now this.

My brother has gone to Vipassana, but I never really talked to him about it or he didn't really talk to me about it, just said it was good. I can see why now as an old student. I cant really explain or do the experience justice in a sense to paint its picture with non old students, they won't get on some level. But today I came back from my sitting and I got a call from my brother and the stories just flowed of each our experiences, the differences, similarities. Even though we sat our first course 2 years apart, we were in communion with each other. Turns out I thought Vipassana would be something I could share with my parents, but they are practicing other things now and as Goenkaji said don't dig many wells, pick one and find the water (he did have an analogy drawn from water- I was excited AND he mentioned "Berkeley University" in his talk too =). But parents or brother, it is something I can share with others and I do trust especially because I have seen in action that even one Dhamma meditator can transform a family.

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