Thursday, June 15, 2006

[London] Faith in the Universe

Having faith in the universe and placing myself in the hands of the universe has been one of the more liberating things I could have done and in retrospect, I have no idea why I didn't do that earlier (but everything happens at the right time).

After not sleeping for 24 hours, running all over, I packed and was ready to leave. The flight was GREAT! There were some AMAZING kids behind me and person I was sitting next to was awesome.

When I got in line for customs, I realized I left my ticket pouch on the flight. I then spent an hour running around terminal 3 trying to get my stuff. Unfortunately, everything was closed up. Normally I would be freaking out. But as I sat there waiting. I had a tool to calm down and pass the time- meditation and somewhere inside, I knew that it would be found. I actually had NO doubts. Irresponsible still. It would be very very bad if the pouch feel into the wrong hands. But at that moment in time, I had done all that I could have done.

This morning we find out that they didn't find it on the flight. As soon as my cousin tells me I realize where it was- my laptop bag. I agree, totally irresponsible of me. I was mad at myself yesterday for not being mindful, but I knew getting angry or worried excessively wasn't going to help the situation. Lesson learned and hey I bet there is going to be a good reason for me not having a stamp in my passport from customs. Anyways, net is going to sign off in a minute.

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