Monday, April 23, 2007

the beat that goes on

You sing me a song
I know not the tune
But the body and mind sway
Left right
Left right

The tune stirs not a memory
But a feeling a joy
The beat draws up a rhythm
Where have I heard this before
Or have i

I know yet cannot decipher
Its is something innate
Yet lost
Perhaps because it is so known
Known to the soul

The beat comes alive
In the hands of the drummer
Each sound resonates with vibrancy
With care
With emotion
With hope and potential

On it goes
Permeating the being
Straight to the root
The root or the soul
The soul or the root
The place where it all begins
And it all ends
The consciousness
Subconscious consciousness I suppose
(or is it a consciousness at all?)

No end
No start
Simply a cycle that goes on and on
Each beat join the next
Each bol alive on its own
Yet realized with each other

You sing me a song
I know not the tune
Or is it my imagination
Is it really something I already know.

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