Saturday, May 19, 2007

Quick Update

Hello all

Quick update:

April was a busy busy month. I was diverted from the Service on Wheels project to help out with Manav Sadhna's ALL IN ONE project. A project that brought together Hindu and Muslim children post riot to share their views on religious harmony. Over the course of two years the youth produced a play, writing the dialogues and song lyrics. At the end of April, they had a huge show at Tagore Hall with lights, newly composed music and a dance. A youth in the project, Bharat (who was also part of the Ekta team that went to the US in 2002) and I choreographed the dance and I was an actor in the show due to last minute need. We had great great fun and youth are amazing, it you want to see harmony, watch them hen they are just hanging out.

initial part of May was spent catching up on Service on Wheels work before Vartik (rohitkaka's son) got married in Ahmedabad. Now Im out of India for three weeks travelling to Mann Sarovar, Mount Kailash (in Tibet) with my mom. Time to spend some quality moments with nature. Currently in Kathmandu leaving for the Chinese/Tibet border in a day.

Pretty blessed... three major jatras in 11 months; Char Dham, Tirupati/Rameshwaram and now Kailash.

be back in a few weeks to share stories and pictures


Anonymous said...

I truly appreciate your initiatives . Hoping for next mother theresa in Ahemedabad . Wishing you best of luck

Vikas said...

We are waiting to hear about your Kailsh-Mansarovar Jatra.