Saturday, January 23, 2010


Control. It is a the essential to success it seems. In any field or path, control is needed to achieve great heights. Discipline in one's actions, control over one's body and mind.

Our monkey mind jumps from here and there, the struggle is to bring it in our control, not be controlled by it. In dance, a good dancer distinguishes herself from the mediocre by having control over her body. Each movement, each limb follows her command. In tabla, I have the cursed blessing of speed. It doesn't take long for me to play something fast, but to play with precision requires control and even that speed should be of my doing not its own (think of the fast skater in Mighty Ducks). Its common to hear in the beginner class, "My finger (or arm) does that on its own," to which the response is always, "It's it your finger, control it."

One big struggle is for that control. The mind and body to work on your command.
Our mind revolts. Of course it does, it wants no master. Providing excuses and excuses, reasons for our defeat. But to gain that control means to first understand the monkeyiness of the body and mind. To recognize, its innate desire to move according to its own will not yours. With focus and determination, constant perseverance, its about making it your own, for one moment, then two, then three and five.

With that control, comes freedom. To execute one's vision and creativity to the fullest. The ability to move and play as one desires. Coupled with understanding, creativity finds its outlet, unhindered and expansive.

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