Thursday, October 05, 2006

Who Am I

What’s real?
Who am I?
Is the face that people see the real me?
Who am I deceiving?
The people around me or myself.

Lost amidst who I should be, who I am and who I want to be.
The gaps grow smaller, yet the confusion increases
Where did the real me go?

Wait, who or what is the real me?
Isn’t the person in the mirror reality?
Or is it the person that I am in those moments of silence
How does clarity arise amidst the dust and chaos.

Dreams haunt my sleep.
They seem so real.
Yet the moment I wake up, its gone.
It makes no sense.
Yet the confusion and lack of direction that I felt in that dream persists.

The day continues, the confusion fades.
Yet when I sleep, it comes back.
Underneath the calm, it bubbles,
Slowly under the surface
It is will rise and with it bring the moment of clarity.

The undercurrents pull, but be present, be still
Stand still amidst the storm.
Deepen your roots.
The more grounded one is, the chaos will pass.
Calm will naturally ensue.

It’s apart of the process.
The storm, the confusion, the lack of direction.

Who am I?
I’m working on figuring that one out.

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